by Brian Rinaldi

Tech is, by nature, fast paced. Competition is fierce and there is a great sense that, in order to win, you not only must move first but move fastest. Thus, tech is often a place where overwork is considered a virtue. Obviously, this is a recipe for burnout.

I’ve been in the technology industry in various capacities since around 1997. I began my tech career as a developer at a small startup in Miami during the dotcom boom. Since then I’ve worked for companies big and small, from Hasbro to Adobe to Progress Software. It is tough for me to say whether I’ve faced burnout professionally because it was not even a term that I understood until more recently. Thinking back, there were a couple times where I probably did but didn’t recognize it as such at the time.

The good news is first that burnout has become a widely discussed issue in tech and specifically among the developer community. It is a common topic on developer community sites like [DEV](, for instance. Unlike younger me, people facing the symptoms of burnout today should be better equipped to recognize them based on the shared experiences of others. The second good news is that I have not faced any serious professional burnout since I’ve become aware of it in recent years.

But, I am someone who is active in the community - both in terms of the developer community and active politically. While burnout is largely recognized as purely job-related, I’ve experienced many of the symptoms of burnout in my non-job-related duties. At these times, I’ve stopped participating in things I care about and retreated from a number of activities, only slowly finding my way back through a concerted effort to “recover”.

While not seeming to fit the widely accepted definition of burnout, these experiences are what inspired this site. There seemed to be so many resources available related to burnout but they were dispersed and often difficult to find as it seems to have become a very “clickbaity” term - so searches turn up a lot of unhelpful results. My hope is that this site, with the help of the community at-large, will become a good resource and be there for people facing burnout in the future.

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