The following are links to resources related to general research into burnout.

Burnout is Everyone’s Problem is an episode of the Work Life Podcast with Adam Grant that looks at some high-pressure workplaces that have figured out how to fight exhaustion by redesigning jobs—and changing cultures.

Interventions to alleviate burnout symptoms and to support return to work among employees with burnout: Systematic review and meta-analysis (Kirsi Ahola, Salla Toppinen-Tanner, and Johanna Seppänen, ScienceDirect, March 2017) - An analysis of various research into various types of interventions for burnout.

Chronic job burnout and daily functioning: A theoretical analysis (Arnold B.Bakker and Patrícia L.Costa, ScienceDirect, December 2014) - A look at the role of the individual employee into job burnout.

Understanding the burnout experience: recent research and its implications for psychiatry (Christina Maslach and Michael P. Leiter, World Psychiatry. June 5 2016) - A attempt to identify strategies that could be effective in treating burnout in psychiatry.

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